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1. Girls like guys with sense of humor. #(n I mEan ReaLLy GoOD OnEs N Not thAT buDUS2

anD like oh so COrnY OnEs!!)

2. Girls hate guys who always brag about themselves. #(Yeah mCM LAH kiToRG nK

tau SGT abOuT Ur 8-Packs N Ur 800 hOuRs OF exeRciSE ) + eye rolling

3. It’s a rare thing for girls to go for flings unlike many guys do. #(n For caSA-no-Vatever GUys

Who ThiNkS thEy AcTuaLLY Hve A hoLe In tHeir BuTT then thIS Is 4 U J.E.R.K.S!)

4. Take a close look at this paradox: Girls are generally impulsive buyers but are


in budgeting. #( true,true) %(jap ko pndai bujet duit??) #(ASAL ko ingat AKU

xRETI??) %(huahahauuhahuahuahauahhauauhauuahauahuah!!) &(mampus ko
la gile)

5. Too sweet girls are usually the naggers. #(uhmmm yeah....)

6. Your girlfriend can either jokingly or seriously get jealous over your basketball

games. #(Its sAd bUt hEy ItS ThE TrUth)

7. Girls are very suspicious human beings. #(YeaH LiKe WheN u sAy U oNlY WenT 2 tHe

ToIlEt BuT ThEn SmElls LIKE 100 CiggiEs JuST Went Up UR asS??) %(uuhHuH)

8. A guy oughta understand his girl’s mood swings specially when she has her

monthly period. #(Yg korg pg pujUk DiE Time2 CmNi WATpE buDus!! She'S

not Go-nna lIStEn!!)

9. Girls love to chat about anything. #(eeVen uR StUpId sPoNGEbOb bOxEr)

10. Girls easily get carried away by their emotions. #(woAhH!! tHaT eXplaiNs The

FlyiNG DiShEs) %(aKu X PuN CmTu) #(kO dIAM! mEnYeMAK JE)

11. You must tell a girl that you are courting her. Unless you make an obvious proposal, she

could either play numb or be really numb of your feelings for her. #(jUSt SAy u WaNt hEr 4

GoDS sAkE! she'LL aPPrEcIATE IT! hONeSt!)

12. The girl who gives you a quick "yes" could either be too impulsive. #( Or toO stUPiD)

13. A girl’s decision is always changeable. #(Yeah wEll ThE same GoEs tO GuYs) %(tHAT

exPlAINS wHy pEoPle GeTs eAsIlY bRoKEn up) #(sADlY i aGrEe wIth u)

14. It's really hard to trace why girls are unpredictable. #(wE dIDnt mEAN 2

sPoOk u guyS!)

15. Girls can easily change their mind because of hearsays. #(jeNG,JEng jENg!!)

16. Girls hate guys who gossip. #(tP Xsdar dIrI yg dIri Lg SKe beRGOsSipp!)

%(MeNyamPaah AKu!) #(ko MENYAMpah Kt BeLah manA NI??) %(Due2)

#(kLAu CmTu KO gIlE)

17. You would know that a girl likes you if she laughs even at your corniest joke and even pays

attention at your nonsense talk. #(evEn iF tHaT MeAns u FaRtIng FOr thE huNdrEtH TiMe)

18. You can hook a girl by knowing her interests. #(TOTal tUrN On i mUsT sAy)

19. It is a fact that girls, since the birth of the world, can be professional flirts using their magical

charms. #(Oh BLeSs+Us= gIrLS)

20. Girls hate it when you make them wait. #(DoNt tHeY TeACH U thAt 8

bY anY ChaNce is nOt 10??)

21. Girls love babies. #(dUh BeCause We'Re the ONES whO Makes tHem wItH Our wombs)

22. If you’re truly in love with a girl, you will have a hard time to convince her

telling so. #(yoU'Ll HAVE 2 TeLL HER U lOvE hEr LiKE A mILLiON tImEs

uNtIl shE GeTs tHe poInt. FiNAlly!!)

23. Girls don’t take a full meal especially when they are on a diet.But they love to eat junkfood,

sweets or fruits in between meals that can double up a full meal. #(UnBeLiEvAbLe!)

24. Beware: a girl knows how to persuade you that you could do her a

favor through her charisma or seductive body language without you knowing

it. #(KorG JgNlAH INgat dIe SENyUm KT KORG sBB SUkE KORg)

25. Girls are every conscious people. #(yEs we cArE abOuT how u tHiNk WheN wE Wear ThT


26. Girls hate guys who whistle at their back. The act makes them look like

cheap. #(so U AcTuAllY ThInK tHaT FlAttErS uS?? DumB ASS)

27. A girl is not necessarily after a guy with towering height. He just has to be taller then she is.

#(So StOp ObSeSsiNg AbOUt uR HeIgHt!)

28 Girls usually compete unconsciously among themselves especially when

comes to beauty..#(huh CaTfIGHt) %(lAmE-O)

29.Girls love pampering and being pampered by their boyfriends. So be careful, this can lead her

to be possessive. #(wHaT A Sad cAsE)

30 Girls love being serenaded. The spookiest and the corniest thing that you do

is for her the most romantic and the most memorable..

31 Girls like smart guys..#(HmM LiKE MR. bEaN??)

32.Girls like neat and presentable guys.

33 If you’re thinking that girls are very particular with a guy’s looks, then it’s time for you to make a paradigm shift. It’s actually the attitude and the way you treat them that they mostly fall for.. #(i mEaN wHaTS THe pOiNt IF Ur hOt BUt UR a bIg AssHoLe aNyWAY??)

34. Girls are the ones who can make a relationship stay longer but they don’t

want to have the dominating character over their boyfriend. #(dOnT U

GuYs Feel SORrY for Us??)

35.You should let her cool first before you say sorry, otherwise she won’t accept your apology.

#(HoW MANy tImEs dOeS MuMmY HaVe 2 tElL U??)

36 Girls usually go for older guys.. #(tHaT DoeSN;t iNClUDe uR GrANdPa!)

37 Girls are generally pitiful and merciful.

38.Girls are physically weaker than guys but are emotionally stronger when

problems arise.

39. Girls like guys who can protect and defend them. You don’t have to be a macho man though.

#( dOnT OvErdo iT ThOUGh..ThAtS CaLlEd = A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G)

40.Girls are constantly demure when guys (especially their crushes) are

around but can be wild behind their bacK.. #(gOsH TALAM dUA mUkE


41. Girls wear makeup not because they are not confident with how they look but because they

want to highlight their physical assets.

42.Girls only play hard-to-get when they think her crush or suitor finds her

obvious that she has feelings for him.

43. Girls are more prone to getting fat easily. #(dAmN It!!)

44. A girl gets annoyed to a guy who pushes himself so hard to get her. #(ShE

DoEsn't wAnT U..So WhY R u sTiLl THeRe??)

45.Girls love guys who can bear with what they feel.

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girls n body image issues..

what is it with girls nowadays. its like a StUPID habit.. you walk up to a mirror and and ooh surprise2.. you start AtTacKINg every part of you and blaming urself for not being PrEttY, tHin, SymmEtrical, HOT or whatsoever.. i mean come on girls.. enough is enough.. ok im not gonna say im not like that too.. i used to be like that.. feeling depressed about my image and sometimes i just wanna hide in my room, afraid to go out.. but now not anymore.. i learned that by loving urself just who u are. u gain so much more in that.. all this negative thoughts have been haunting me before and im sure a lot of girls out there feels the same way too.. i have tons of friends who complain about their body, their self intelligence saying they're stupid n stuff like that.. i mean if you look at it closely u'll see that almost every girl complains all the time to their friends.. trust me.. been there done that.. c'est vraiment stupide cette chose.. n whats worse is if u have a friend who doesn't help and instead make u feel even worse by saying negative things about u.. i mean she likes to agree with everything u say about ur body.. if u say ur fat n she agrees with u.. girls love to compare their bodies with their friends and and cant help being jealous when her own friend is a bit better than herself.. this kind of relationship somehow isn't healthy.. friends are supposed to appreciate u for who u are and help by being supportive and try not make u feel worse and unconfident.. saying bad things about ur friend is not going to help.. even if she looks like she really couldn't care less but see girls are a sensitive creature.. no matter how tough n hard she looks, on the inside she's still just a girl.. girls also tend to stay away from girls who looks great and feels great about themselves.. to them this type of girl is a threat.. sounds familiar? girls love to find someone who has the same issues as them.. somehow this behaviour n bond gives them comfort.. quit comparing ur issues!!.. you're not you're friend and they're not you.. everyone is special and has their own uniqueness and beauty.. women all around have really unrealistic body ideals and frequently focus on bits of themselves they dont like, ignoring the parts they should be proud of.. girls have to understand that not even a supermodel is perfect.. no one is perfect.. and its a fact.. imagine being in a world full of people who looks the same.. yep.. not fun.. if by any chance ur close to people who doesn't appreciate u for who u are then leave them.. they're not even worth it.. or u could try to help them urself by changing their ways.. sometimes girls attack each other because they themselves are not confident about themselves n it makes them feel safe.. whats important now is to leave all the negativity behind.. not only will u feel better about urself, it also helps to improve ur life by being positive.. reassuring others that they're beautiful is a good way to remind urself that you are too.. love yourself honey.. xoxo!!
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hoho dh lama giler xpost anything..feels kinda stupid hehe..but i guess im really happy now that im finally back feels like a while being in uitm..sem ni i admit mmg pnuh gler vavi dgn cabaran and all the stupid dramas..kene hentam dgn my favorite lecturer only because of a little misunderstanding..not just me, but the whole part 3 building students got the same diss..and all of it because of a musical drama, me and some of the other part 3 students took part in..i dont really know till now why it was such a big deal before but thank god my lecturers' are totally fine with all of us now..but euh maybe the low marks on the on-going assessments is the answer for it?? lol wateva..that's all in the past..and what's important now is that we've all finished our exams which is like i dunno..hard?? reaaallly22 hard?? lol! what i know for sure is that its harder than past semester exams..well duh..thats pretty just hoping that at least i get good marks rather than excellent..ah well..nasiblah haih dpt course yg totally taking other courses in degree..dont wanna face it a second time!!..nk tidolah..pnat sgt2 ni..dh xthn..AAAAHHH FINALLY!!! bleh tido puas2!!!! TATA!!
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babinye h1n1!!

fuck!!! im sooo fucking bored!! ade ke patut uitm cuti seminggu disbbkn selsema babi tu..mmglah best kn cuti..nnti ade extra klas wooohhh laaaaaagiii bestt!! yeah i know i shouldn't be complaining..
cuz knelah fkir gak kn bdk2 yg kne h1n1 tu..kesianlah diorg kn...kpd2 mereka2 yg sakit skrg, smoga korg semua sembuh dgn this wednesday im going to melaka with my! not to hang out laa! nk pg tmn mini mlaysia lorh..kne buat kejelah ceh! aduh bosannyee..then we'll stay overnite there n maybe klau de masa blehlah kluar jln2 huhu..haha dhlah kitorg naik van oh hahahah..terpksa r! knelah save duit skrg kot..dhlah awal semester ni byk giler duit hbs!! hah! what an asshole! tension bangat ni!!
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uitm yg sungguh memenatkn~

well here i am in uitm..the hell?? just too tired siggh..hish br dua minggu tp assignment dh byk! kejam tul!! dhlah nk plih group assignment atau yg lbh dikenali sbgai ASS pnyelahh ssh gler vavi! rase cm nk cmpak2 je meja kerusi sume! duit pun dh nk nazak hehe..yelah i x mintak ptptipu pun..i 'fama' je kot..segan oh nk mintak duit kt my parents..the first week was like kelam kabut...especially about choosing group for our assignments..ade yg terasa lah, mrahlah, merajuk cm org ape je n byk r..mcm xadil pun ade gak..i mean wtf??..but now that doesnt really fucking matters cause i mmg puas hati dgn group i walaupun bdk2 lakinye mls skit hoho..xpe2..we'll just have to push n push! nk wat cmne kn? hehe..n this sem for semester 3 bdk2 part kitorg dipilih utk jd ajk persatuan bngunan...n surprise2! kbynkn ajk are from y class..woh!! tamak gler klas kitorg hahaha..gler ar..sengal kot bdk2 xpatut gak ah..kbnyaknnye plih sbb rupe je..yg kureng skit tu xdpt jd ajk..its quiet unfair..yg pasti im very2 happy sbb xjd ajk apa2 ye! ho xsanggup kot meeting stiap friend pun mcm apa je i tgk skrg..mke pnat gler babeng..
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Pretty people!!

Victoria Secret Angels!!!
gosh cant they be any prettier! i love them so much!
Heidi, Alessandra, Adrianna, Karolina, and etc, love
u laa! haha wish i could trade their life with mine :P

Jong Hyun Shinee
The most talented male singer ive ever seen and heard!
He's also hot! ho oops hehe..cant get enough of his dancing lol!

Lee Da Hae
The first time i saw her in My Girl drama i was like oh my god!
She's so talented! i mean she could really act! from the cute act to the sad ones haha!
i love her so much! and she's really2 cute!
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so exhausted!

pergh penat gler! br je balik dr rmah czin..this morning i woke up at 8 and started going to the gym near my czins house and i was actually surprised to see a lot of people there..hehe usually there isnt much people..well i got myself bruised a bit cause of that stupid treadmill! i ran a bit too fast and and then before i knew it i fell and hit myself on that damn moment there i thought i was gonna really hurts..i hate it when i get bruises cause most of them always turn out to be a scar and no matter how much cream i put on it, it doesn't seem to want to go away!..stupid scar!!..dh ar ade 3 org kat situ yg gelakkn i..such a jerk..nk gelak pun agak2 ar..cover2 ar skit..totally humiliating if u ask really wasn't such a great day for me..i pun br dpt tau my aunt yg br smpai di malaysia died a few hours ago T_T..sbnarnye i xrapat sgt dgn my auntie ni cuz i only see her once in like 3 to 4 years..but still u could say she was the most sporting aunt ive ever had!..everytime me n my brothers see her, she always buys us so much present..but that's not why i love her so much..dulu mase i kecik2 dulu, my parents slalu kluar pg outstation (mcm skrg xslalu plak kn) and she's the one who took care of bile me n my siblings dh bsr, we didn't get to c her much..god im going to miss her so much...i still cant quiet grasp the fact that she's gone now and i may never see her again....
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love changes everything....

Love, love changes everything
hands and faces, earth and sky
Love, love changes everything
how u live and how u die
Love, can make the summer fly,
or night seem like a lifetime
Yes, Love, love changes everything,
Now I tremble at ur name
Nothing in the world will ever be the same,

Love, love changes everything
Days are longer, words mean more
Love, love changes everything,
Pain is deeper than before
Love, will turn ur world around,
And That world will last forever
Yes, Love, love changes everything,
Brings u glory, brings u shame
Nothing in the world will ever be the same,

Off into the world we go,
Planing futures,  shaping years,
Love bursts in and suddenly
All our wisdoms disappears,
Love makes fool of everyone
All the rules we make are broken,
Live or perish in its flame
Yes, Love, love changes everyone
Love will never ever let u be the same ......

argghh!!! xbleh tido!!

T_T...nmpknye i kne start beli those sleeping pills..seriously! dh brape mlm dh ni tido lmbt..
hahaha mcm sblum ni tido awal je..i guess that's why my body seems to be heavier by days hehe..all those hard tiring workout i did at the gym mcm dh xgne je..nyampah! wait lemme check on my scale.......
wut the???? those scales must be broken..oh cant actually be true..berat gler! sengal tul..

racism? getting less or getting worse??

Racism nowadays have become so common that people dont realise that its even there and amongst us. What the heck people! open ur eyes! maybe to some people perkauman is not really a big deal..who are u guys kidding???! no offense tp slagi this thing keeps on going, im not going to shut up ok? saying all this through my own experience living in environments that are way different from myself...i remember the time when america n iraq were having a war and at that time i was still in luar negara..mmndangkn mak sy pkai tdg, org sekeliling sentiasa perhatikan mak sy like she was some kind of terrorist..i dont blame them for staring at my mum.. bleh dikatakn hmpir all the people yg bkn islam anggap org islam cmtu..but scared the shit out of me..i was scared that they might attack my mum at any that period of time  i was always afraid to wake up every morning because i was worried about my family..i was always scared to go to school because i kept thinking about my dad who at the time was working for  the malaysian embassy n my mum who was all alone in our house...cmne tak takut..sedangkan masa tu indonesian nye embassy pun kne bomb because diorg pun islam kn plak malaysia pnye embassy..i was always anxious to come back home to see my parents n my brothers safe..i i can still feel the relief till this days that they are still alive n huh thank god yg plg sy sedih smpai skrg was my own best friend turning her back on me just because of the war between america n iraq..u see she was american..i dont blame her..i know she must have felt scared like i was too..but it still hurts when ur own best friend leaves u alone when u needed her so badly..until now, i still miss her a lot..she was just like my own this is why racism is not good..knape harus kite pulaukn seseorg just because of their skin colours, their religion and even their accent????? Cube kite bygkn if we were in the places of those who gets bullied just because of their skin colour?? no dont tell me ur gonna be happy..that's bullshit! of course ur gonna be sad! So everyone please, lets make our voices heard n stop RACISM!!
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my best chickadees!!! i love u all so much!

Pranjali kumar~
oh my god i miss u so much dear. I cant believe its been 4 years now since we last met..damn it! i wish we could see each other again..haha all those years together was so much fun. Remember the first time we met, we always fight for nothing and in the end we became best friends lol hahaha so hilarious. its so obvious we were not matured at that time. i miss being with u in classes and laughing our butts off to pretty much everything haha! and stalking guys we have a crush just to piss them of huah haha!..remember Mr.Cairns and his dancing moves?? lol..i miss u..

Faith Boois~
faith, faith, faith....I miss u T_T..Its so unfair..haha god ive known u since   
we were like in 4th grade haha..we were so tiny back then n so fucking 
innocent lol..i remember always trying to compete with u in like everything especially in writing..remember 'ThE Three Teenage Girls'??..i love writing novels with u then drawing just about anything in the book we made haha! We kept making those offended dance moves just to annoy the teachers lol! love u sis mouuuaaahh!!!

    Caitlin hoffman~
    Caitlin!!! I love u SUCKA!! god knows how long we've been away from 
    each other! I miss going on to ur house for a sleepovr n keep rewinding 
    the Harry Potter movies because ur soooo into daniel radcliffe hahah!! 
    and i miss ur moms cookies like hell! ur mom makes the BEST cookies 
    ever known to humankind hahah! damn it nw im feelng hungry! i miss 
    ur laugh the most cuz its the funniest thing ive ever seen in my whole         life haha!!

Hye jin Choi~                                                                                                          
haha i hate u bitch! haha no god i was joking! im so jealous of u rite now cuz ur like in my fav place of all "euh wuts that?? oh rite in KOREA!" u
dumb ass! i told u not to like go back to ur country unless u bring along me!
i miss you hahah...


yuko where the hell are u now?? i miss u so much u idiot! haha i miss ur 
weird japanese accent cuz itss soooooo2 cute..ur like so adorable and 
innocent that we kept bullying u stupid! I hope ur stronger now hahah!!
arigato for our friendship yuko..i love u so much and i hope we'll stay 
friends forever! mouuahhhhh!!!

Natasha kahengombe~                                                                                             
wwoow! i dont even noe wut to say about u ma belle, cuz ur like the 
craziest chick in our group n u know that!! ahahha!! i miss seeing u dance ur butt off and just being who u are! ur so outgoing and u dont give shit what people say about u n that's why i love u so much!!! i remember when u used to bring like big humungous backpack to school hahah!! we never could get why the heck u always do that! all the same i miss u natt..
big huggiee!


 Aakrti arora~
 aakrti haha u noe how i love saying ur name a thousand me its              such a unique name lol! i miss eating lunch with u n ur mums pizza! god i wish i could go back in time n go shopping with u! U've always beeen so simple in ur life that u couldn't give a damn when people try to change u..ur always like "why are u guys wasting money on that stupid outfit n blabla" n we would just lough our nickers off hahah!!  haha i miss those crazy times!


Watriah Zainidi~
watriah u bitch! have u been smoking again?? haha! god ur hilarious!
i remember when we used to hang out at trocadero park and u'll be 
like in ur own world smoking like there's no tomorrow! u dumb2 
stop that lol! haha! since ur soo worried that u might get scalp baldness
then maybe u should quit smoking baby! hahaha i miss u!!



 Intan Nur Syaheda~
 cida2....hahaha! aduh sejak bile r kite berkwn?? sejak form 4 oh hahah!!
 aku ingat lg lps skolah je msti aku lepak kt rmah ko!! pastu ponteng  
 klas tmbhan hahaha!! There were so many memories of us together kt 
 skolah drpada yg gaduh2 smpai lah yg baik2 punye hahaha!! aiyoo! 
 xmatang doh! hahaaha ingat x ayam yg ko masak tu???hahahah aduh 
 lwk r! pastu kite slalu bodek sume cikgu konon2 bleh dpt markah 
 tinggi r kn?? ahahah! aduh pecah isi perot aku!! rindu kt kaulah!! 

Ain Fatimah~                                                                                                      ain haha..ko msti bengang ngan aku kn sbb last sem aku xslalu jmpe ko..
soo2 soorry..xpe next sem ill make up for that! aku janji!! aku rindukn ko sgt2!! mcm cibai kn aku! im really2 sorry! rindu nk lepak2 ngan ko pastu tgk movie spanjang mlm pastu buat bnde2 bodoh2 hehe..misss u mouuuaaaahh!!


Ku Zuryalaili~
Lili ko pon sama sowi!!! next sem aku janji aku akn jmpe korg slalu!
rindu kt ko!! aku rindu nk pg shopping ngan korg pastu cr pasal ngan 
org hahahaa!!! aku rindu nk cmpare brt bdn aku dgn ko ahahahah!!
syg kamoooo!!!

Piqa, aisya, ammar, nuar and lisa~                                                                   
haha giler ar korg ni! pening kpale aku dgn korg ni..xleh duk diam haha the first two sem with u guys was the best! i love u guys so much! we had such crazy times all throughout the sem and i dont even remember us being quiet! there were so much drama in our group ahaahha!! starting from takin all those funny pictures to gossiping about everything to anything! not to mention fight with each other lol! love u guys la moouaaaahh!!!

once upon a stupid time

HEY people im new here so before i start indulging myself in this bloggie thingy let's start with my life ya'll hehehe..So basically i was born in 6th of oct to the arms of my mum...n a caring dad who is really strict but actually really soft in the inside...i guess u can say I grew up in a confusing environment cause my dad never seemed to want to settle down in one place...i cant really say it's his fault since my dads work is really the reason to why my family always moved around...since i was small I've always hated the way me and my family lived...sometimes I feel like we're some kind of refugees who keeps running and running away and it's really stupid when i think back about it…i remember when I used to ask my mum "mama, cant we just stay in Malaysia with grandma?" and my mum will always answer the same thing which is no..."haha what the?????"..SO yooouuuu seee I had a really tiring and boring childhood where i always had to move to a different school, get new friends, learn a new language, get used to a new environment and so much more…what do you think will actually happened to that child when he or she is forced into something so tiring as this???...oh I don't know…something like getting stressed and one day become mental and then get send to a mental hospital?? Hoho naah that's too chaotic lol…I don't want to be mental for sure…now thank god my dad seems to settle down a bit…he hasn't yet got a work to do overseas so looks like my family will stay here in Malaysia for a long time…hooray to that!! my family lives in Sepang, in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi…and I just love the place to death…I came back here when I was in form 3 and actually had time to do PMR…boohoo to that...i had to really struggle for my PMR though…but its allright in the end hoho " haha nope im not gonna tell how much I got haha"…by the way I went to a school in putrajaya and it's smk putrjaya precint 11(1)…ive always thought the name was weird but then again everything's weird to me…I guess that's why I end up being so weird and don't ask me why that happened cause I really don't know…I'm just me, the weird girl next door and ahahaa!!!!...okay whatever...even my name doesn't suit me..nurul iman?? Ahak whetever…yes, yes I know I should be thankful for the name I got but come on people…I'm way too evil and naughty for that name…my name really bothers me when it comes to Islamic class…I get so embarrassed when the lecturer keeps saying the word 'iman' again and again…as everybody knows it means faith…haha me??? Hmm that's like a big contrast…everyone who knows me well would say the same too… im studying in uitm sri iskandar in perak...the place is kinda cool but the lecturers are really strict...i don noe why...its like they're all there to torture the students…but of course not all of them are bad…hehe…the students there are nice though…that's one thing I like about uitm…the kids are really sporting…rite now tgh cuti and will be back there in a mere 2 weeks…damn it…that's no fun…lol…welcome back to weeks of full torture n stress sigh…all those assignments and exam…sheesh…no wonder the students are so stressed…well yeah I guess that's the price u have to pay to be successful in life…cant complain to that…ahakxx…well till then buhbye…nk pg man di lorh huhu! mouuahhh!!