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once upon a stupid time

HEY people im new here so before i start indulging myself in this bloggie thingy let's start with my life ya'll hehehe..So basically i was born in 6th of oct to the arms of my mum...n a caring dad who is really strict but actually really soft in the inside...i guess u can say I grew up in a confusing environment cause my dad never seemed to want to settle down in one place...i cant really say it's his fault since my dads work is really the reason to why my family always moved around...since i was small I've always hated the way me and my family lived...sometimes I feel like we're some kind of refugees who keeps running and running away and it's really stupid when i think back about it…i remember when I used to ask my mum "mama, cant we just stay in Malaysia with grandma?" and my mum will always answer the same thing which is no..."haha what the?????"..SO yooouuuu seee I had a really tiring and boring childhood where i always had to move to a different school, get new friends, learn a new language, get used to a new environment and so much more…what do you think will actually happened to that child when he or she is forced into something so tiring as this???...oh I don't know…something like getting stressed and one day become mental and then get send to a mental hospital?? Hoho naah that's too chaotic lol…I don't want to be mental for sure…now thank god my dad seems to settle down a bit…he hasn't yet got a work to do overseas so looks like my family will stay here in Malaysia for a long time…hooray to that!! my family lives in Sepang, in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi…and I just love the place to death…I came back here when I was in form 3 and actually had time to do PMR…boohoo to that...i had to really struggle for my PMR though…but its allright in the end hoho " haha nope im not gonna tell how much I got haha"…by the way I went to a school in putrajaya and it's smk putrjaya precint 11(1)…ive always thought the name was weird but then again everything's weird to me…I guess that's why I end up being so weird and don't ask me why that happened cause I really don't know…I'm just me, the weird girl next door and ahahaa!!!!...okay whatever...even my name doesn't suit me..nurul iman?? Ahak whetever…yes, yes I know I should be thankful for the name I got but come on people…I'm way too evil and naughty for that name…my name really bothers me when it comes to Islamic class…I get so embarrassed when the lecturer keeps saying the word 'iman' again and again…as everybody knows it means faith…haha me??? Hmm that's like a big contrast…everyone who knows me well would say the same too… im studying in uitm sri iskandar in perak...the place is kinda cool but the lecturers are really strict...i don noe why...its like they're all there to torture the students…but of course not all of them are bad…hehe…the students there are nice though…that's one thing I like about uitm…the kids are really sporting…rite now tgh cuti and will be back there in a mere 2 weeks…damn it…that's no fun…lol…welcome back to weeks of full torture n stress sigh…all those assignments and exam…sheesh…no wonder the students are so stressed…well yeah I guess that's the price u have to pay to be successful in life…cant complain to that…ahakxx…well till then buhbye…nk pg man di lorh huhu! mouuahhh!!

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