Tuesday, June 23, 2009 | By: bunny love

racism? getting less or getting worse??

Racism nowadays have become so common that people dont realise that its even there and amongst us. What the heck people! open ur eyes! maybe to some people perkauman is not really a big deal..who are u guys kidding???! no offense tp slagi this thing keeps on going, im not going to shut up ok? ok..im saying all this through my own experience living in environments that are way different from myself...i remember the time when america n iraq were having a war and at that time i was still in luar negara..mmndangkn mak sy pkai tdg, org sekeliling sentiasa perhatikan mak sy like she was some kind of terrorist..i dont blame them for staring at my mum.. bleh dikatakn hmpir all the people yg bkn islam anggap org islam cmtu..but still..it scared the shit out of me..i was scared that they might attack my mum at any minute..at that period of time  i was always afraid to wake up every morning because i was worried about my family..i was always scared to go to school because i kept thinking about my dad who at the time was working for  the malaysian embassy n my mum who was all alone in our house...cmne tak takut..sedangkan masa tu indonesian nye embassy pun kne bomb because diorg pun islam jgk..ni kn plak malaysia pnye embassy..i was always anxious to come back home to see my parents n my brothers safe..i i can still feel the relief till this days that they are still alive n huh thank god breathing...tp yg plg sy sedih smpai skrg was my own best friend turning her back on me just because of the war between america n iraq..u see she was american..i dont blame her..i know she must have felt scared like i was too..but it still hurts when ur own best friend leaves u alone when u needed her so badly..until now, i still miss her a lot..she was just like my own sister...so this is why racism is not good..knape harus kite pulaukn seseorg just because of their skin colours, their religion and even their accent????? Cube kite bygkn if we were in the places of those who gets bullied just because of their skin colour?? no dont tell me ur gonna be happy..that's bullshit! of course ur gonna be sad! So everyone please, lets make our voices heard n stop RACISM!!

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