Monday, November 16, 2009 | By: bunny love


hoho dh lama giler xpost anything..feels kinda stupid hehe..but i guess im really happy now that im finally back feels like a while being in uitm..sem ni i admit mmg pnuh gler vavi dgn cabaran and all the stupid dramas..kene hentam dgn my favorite lecturer only because of a little misunderstanding..not just me, but the whole part 3 building students got the same diss..and all of it because of a musical drama, me and some of the other part 3 students took part in..i dont really know till now why it was such a big deal before but thank god my lecturers' are totally fine with all of us now..but euh maybe the low marks on the on-going assessments is the answer for it?? lol wateva..that's all in the past..and what's important now is that we've all finished our exams which is like i dunno..hard?? reaaallly22 hard?? lol! what i know for sure is that its harder than past semester exams..well duh..thats pretty just hoping that at least i get good marks rather than excellent..ah well..nasiblah haih dpt course yg totally taking other courses in degree..dont wanna face it a second time!!..nk tidolah..pnat sgt2 ni..dh xthn..AAAAHHH FINALLY!!! bleh tido puas2!!!! TATA!!

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