Thursday, December 24, 2009 | By: bunny love

girls n body image issues..

what is it with girls nowadays. its like a StUPID habit.. you walk up to a mirror and and ooh surprise2.. you start AtTacKINg every part of you and blaming urself for not being PrEttY, tHin, SymmEtrical, HOT or whatsoever.. i mean come on girls.. enough is enough.. ok im not gonna say im not like that too.. i used to be like that.. feeling depressed about my image and sometimes i just wanna hide in my room, afraid to go out.. but now not anymore.. i learned that by loving urself just who u are. u gain so much more in that.. all this negative thoughts have been haunting me before and im sure a lot of girls out there feels the same way too.. i have tons of friends who complain about their body, their self intelligence saying they're stupid n stuff like that.. i mean if you look at it closely u'll see that almost every girl complains all the time to their friends.. trust me.. been there done that.. c'est vraiment stupide cette chose.. n whats worse is if u have a friend who doesn't help and instead make u feel even worse by saying negative things about u.. i mean she likes to agree with everything u say about ur body.. if u say ur fat n she agrees with u.. girls love to compare their bodies with their friends and and cant help being jealous when her own friend is a bit better than herself.. this kind of relationship somehow isn't healthy.. friends are supposed to appreciate u for who u are and help by being supportive and try not make u feel worse and unconfident.. saying bad things about ur friend is not going to help.. even if she looks like she really couldn't care less but see girls are a sensitive creature.. no matter how tough n hard she looks, on the inside she's still just a girl.. girls also tend to stay away from girls who looks great and feels great about themselves.. to them this type of girl is a threat.. sounds familiar? girls love to find someone who has the same issues as them.. somehow this behaviour n bond gives them comfort.. quit comparing ur issues!!.. you're not you're friend and they're not you.. everyone is special and has their own uniqueness and beauty.. women all around have really unrealistic body ideals and frequently focus on bits of themselves they dont like, ignoring the parts they should be proud of.. girls have to understand that not even a supermodel is perfect.. no one is perfect.. and its a fact.. imagine being in a world full of people who looks the same.. yep.. not fun.. if by any chance ur close to people who doesn't appreciate u for who u are then leave them.. they're not even worth it.. or u could try to help them urself by changing their ways.. sometimes girls attack each other because they themselves are not confident about themselves n it makes them feel safe.. whats important now is to leave all the negativity behind.. not only will u feel better about urself, it also helps to improve ur life by being positive.. reassuring others that they're beautiful is a good way to remind urself that you are too.. love yourself honey.. xoxo!!

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