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This is for u denise xoxoxo

ok denise, as much as i love u, u still annoy me at times ok? lol r u reading this and euh dont get mad at me for writing this but okay u seriously need a body image makeover. Nooooo dummy!! thats not because i think ur ugly or anything but ur too paranoid ok? n its not just me who said this but sam n vic. they totally agree 100 percent on this as well. I know u keep rolling ur eyes and huffing cause we kept on bragging u but hell? haha thats only cause we love u and ur such a wimp! ok2 i know u've been hearing this 4 like a million times already but here's why we think u need one!:

1) Whenever we say u look hot in that dress, u always reply, "yeah right, it makes my butt look humongous.". Babe?? wtf ok? it does NOT look big! gee!

2) You always ask us and ur family for reassurance that u look okay in that outfit. I mean remember the time when i was having a shower and u suddenly banged in the door, just to ask me if u look okay? bunny how'd u think i felt at the time?? i was naked and totally having a fun time shaving my euh nvm!

3) When u look in the mirror u only focus on individual body parts, like ur butt, ur skin and ur hair rather than seeing the WHOLE picture. I mean who cares about that little thing when as a picture ur just as adorable and cute??

4) You always compare urself to us - like " i'm fatter than u," and " How come ur skin's so perfect and mine isn't" and blblababalabal..there u go again with that whole insecurities of urs.arghhhhh!!!!

5) And you ALWAYS refer to urself as "fat", "ugly", "wrong", "shameful" and whatever else u keep on blabbing about. Yeah okay i know we also do it sometimes but thats only cause we feel awful on some days, unlike u who say this like 10 times everday.

 yawn, yawn, and more yawn....listening to u bragging all the time is kinda getting boring my dear. Its time u stop bitching and have some popcorn. ok?? lol im sure by the time u finish reading this u'll totally kill me the minute u see me but im just doing this 4 ur own good. ok bunny?? ok i gotta run~~

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im not gonna be a stupid little girl anymore and listen to my instincts, saye diperbodohkan skali 

lgi yay!! tahniah!! terima kasih yg tak terhingga :). maybe i should just go n fuck myself. 

u know wut i mean?
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how to deal with style stalker

hmm anda pnah mengalami situasi dimana kwn anda atau kwn baik anda meniru style dan gaya anda? (GiLE SKeMA aku ckp) terasa bengang? ataupun terasa ingin menampar MeMbEr2 Anda YG sGt bERwibawa itu? SiLalah JoIn GrOUP Saye krne anda tidak keseorangan.

 OkLAH, oKlah straight to the point ok? lu nak tiru ke apa lantak hang larh, AKu LGsUng xkisah. EhEm ok2 kisah lah jgk ok? jGnlah Melampau sgt SMPAI sume BnDE ko Nk TIRU hish. SkIT2 xpelah my dear. Jgn smpai cadar bntal pun ko nk tiru. XbESTLAH ade clone sndiri. WhERe is ur own uniqueness??. Ok SO xpe2. next time jgn tiru dh klau x, aku habaq Kt mak kau ok? settle. 

Ya, mmg rmai org yg jenis begini. aKu PUN ske Tiru style org muahahahaha!! kantoi aku xskelah tiru member sndiri. Kang jln sblah2 NmPK CAm Lala n PO dlm teletubbies. Due2 perot buncet! arghh!! xmboh2!! Stokin nk sama, wane bracelet sume ko nk tiru, aduhh..xpelah bezday present ko nnti aku beli ko satu wardrobe lain nak? (mcm mampu sgt prasan tol). ok2 aku fhm knape kau begitu. Selalunye aku tgk org mcm ni diorg rase un-sure dgn diri diorg. Klau kluar shopping ke apa msti ajak member sbb xpasti nk plih bj apa sume. Takut X OKLAH APAlah bagai sume. Relaklah chentaa. kAU Pakai apapun kau ttp cantik ok?? BKn ko pkAi BJ tu muke ko brubah or whatsoever. To Me u r worth a billion sbb kamoo sgt cantik di luar dan juga di dlm. These kinds of people feel the need to be like everyone because they lack self-confidence to make their own choices. Xbgslah cmtu chentaa..KnaPE mESTi TAkut dgn judgement org lain? bnde yg pelik tulah yg cantik. klau sume nk same dh lama aku lawa nk mampus mcm anne hathaway atau barbie. Sume sepesen je. Klau diorg cakp Buruk, arh! Pg mampus La mereka2! DaH TeRLEbIH prasan Lawa La tuuh. BiArkan je mereka2 bermain dgn kehidupan Barbie diorg. MCm the Queen Bee and her loyal assistant.

sElalunye dlm Situation cmni, i am actually flattered. Yelah org tiru ko, Maknenye org anggap ko bgslah kan? Tapi smpai spender dlm Pun ko nk tiru kEjadah??? Nak corak Same lak tuh??? WTF? Malulah aku weh..kang bile pkai spender tu aku teringat muke ko jjee. Xnak AKU. Aku pnah crack the s**ts at my bestie for buying the same perfume as me. Die tros beli perfume lain. Sorry Chentaa for using unappropriate language! Ah well..JaNJI ko Bau lain dr aku ngee :D. Lastly Klau aku dh xthn sgt, aku bwk member aku tu pg shopping dan sruh die try SUME bj2 kt situ so i can find what suits her best and provide friendly advice. The next day she is as happy as i am to see her walk with confidence.


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HD SNSD [full] Daum Screensaver preview 11of11 Oct06.2010 GIRLS' GENERAT...

i love these girls!!! waaahh!!!
i recently bought their screensavers and i am officially happy :D
now these girls are on my lappy yay!!
here's a preview of their screensaver! WEE!!

I used to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

People always used to tell me that I have unusual habits. Saye xpnah rase that it’s a problem or it was something medically wrong with me sampailah saye disahkan with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder back then in 2003. That was when I was 13 years old. Slame 13 tahun saya xpnah terfikir that it was a symptom. I just assumed I was nuts. Yep people, NUTS. 

Keluarga saye, kwn2 saye, they always get pissed at me sebabnye sya slalu triple check wether the fridge is closed or not, and sinki dah ttup and many more. But eventually things got worse when I started middle school in ISP. Saye start to develop even more weird habits mcm bau rmbut saye stiap masa to make sure what it smells like. Pernah satu mlm saye xdpt tido sbb i kept sniffing my hair to make sure what it smells like. Disbbkan bnde ni jgk I became paranoid with myself dan sering meng-asingkan diri. Sounds crazy? Yes I know peeps. I always tried to keep myself from being that way but I couldn’t stop. 

It got to the point where I told my mum. Mak saye plak masa tu pun xde rase ape2 yang pelik cume she thinks im just being paranoid. My parents then sent me to the adolescent psychiatric ward at the hospital for treatment, which is in fact really scary. It made me feel like a freak.. Masa tu lah br sye tau yg saye mengalami OCD. I didn’t know what it was and I’ve never heard of it. Doktor ckp sya mengalami neurological disorder where my brain xdpt nk send messages properly menyebabkan compulsion- excessive hand-washing, obsessive fears (terutamanye pade germs and bacterias), terlalu obses dgn exercising dan selalu nk bersihkan bilik sume dan yg paling teruk repetitive checking (selalu nk check anything).

At first saye kne jmpe a psychologist stiap minggu utk blaja relaxation techniques dan mcm mana nk resist the urges. Stiap kali saye teringin nk check sumthing, I had to learn to shut down the urges. The first few weeks was hell. None of it worked and I was frustrated. Baru bangun tido, klau bleh sume bnde nk check, so it took me ages to get ready to go to school. Saye akn bgtau diri saye yg sye xnk tgk pun what colour the back of my wardrobe was tapi sye tetap xdpt resist dan saye perlu check almari saye three to four times brulah dpt pg skolah dgn tnang. I ripped the tags off three pieces of clothing in frustration because my mind was forcing me to check the washing instructions, OVER AND OVER. Arghhhhhh!!!! Lastly I tossed the tags in the bin, but then I had to check what colour the bin was inside!!

When im at school I get so tired and frustrated because I kept picturing my house and what exactly it looks like and what colour it was and when I couldn’t remember or know what it is I get this huge urge feeling n got tired easily. My face was always pale due to the lack eating and drinking because I was too frustrated. I kept crying in the toilet because I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Sye rase lebih slamt kt rmah, but that didn’t mean the urges stopped. Satu mlm tu sye terpakse bgn dr katil a million times hanye semate2 nk check what colour highlights Avril lavigne had in her hair on the magazine on my table! Last2 saye koyakkan magazine tu because I was sick of it! These symptoms kept growing inside of me and I was constantly tired and was always sick.. Sometimes, mum would hear me and come  to see if I was okay. Saye slalu ckp im allrite mum, don’t worry im going to go n get some water, tpi bile dh ade kt dapur, “ ok so how far is this kitchen table from the cupboard door, ok wite paint there, green paint over here”. I knew I had to sleep but I couldn’t bring myself to shut down the thoughts sigh..

My parents, family, my friends back in ISP have been really understanding and they helped me fight back the demon in me. Diorg xpnah ckp saye pelik atau giler and kept motivating me to change myself. I would be so lost without them and I am now recovering more and more. Kwn2 sye kt sini mungkin xrmai yg tau my disorder only some of the closest knew of my problem because I’ve recovered a lot dan x mcm dlu sgt. I still have my obsessions such as over-exercising and obsessed with cleaning my room, but the silly little things I’ve long since thrown away the habits. I am now much happier with myself, thanks to my family and friends. I love u guys to bits :)
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bunny confession

ya, saye akui saye byk buat salah silap
Saye pun manusia mcm kamu jgk
I've been living my whole 20 years wasted sbb pe? Sebab kebodohan saye sendiri jgk
rasenye klau nk bandingkan bnde baik dan bnde jht pnah buat, bnde baik cnfirm2 xnmpk lgsung banding dgn bndE JAHAT 
ya, saye sgt degil dan suke mencarut
Saye pun manusia mcm kamu jgk
Masa kluar dr perut my mum pun nurse tu ckp bdk ni msti degil ni bile besar nnti sbb pe?
Sebab saye tendang2 perot mak saye krne xnk kluar, mungkin sbb takut dgn dunia yg pnuh penipuan

ya, saye sgt suke mendiamkan diri dan xlyn org
Saye pun manusia mcm kamu jgk
Klau tgh hangout atau berborak dan tibe2 saye diam n mcm mood breaker sbb pe?
Sebab saye mls nk lyn korg ngumpat org sana sini sbbnye saye sndiri pun bukan baik dan xde hak utk mengutuk org

ya, saye sgt suke berangan jdi org baik tapi xpnah tercapai
Saye pun manusia mcm kamu jgk
Impian saye dri dulu smpai skrg utk brubah mnjdi baik, selalu dilupakan sbb pe?
Sebab saye slalu lupe yang dunia ni sgt skjap dan saya tidak pnah sabar

ya, saye mmg sgt ssh utk percayakan sesapa
Saye pun manusia mcm kamu jgk
Bg diri saye hanya family dan kawan yg btul2 rapat je saye percaye sbb pe?
Sebab terlalu rmai kwan yg bertalam muke dan menikam blakng

ya, saye sgt snang utk memaafkan org tp ssh utk melupkannye
Saye pun manusia mcm kamu jgk
Saye sudah byk kali memaafkan kamu dan juga mohon maaf pd kamu tp sy xleh lupekannye sbb pe?
Sebab org hypocrite ttp juga hypocrite. Kamu tipu saya, saya pun akn tipu kamu.

ya, sye mmg mempunyai byk kekurangan
tapi, saye pun manusia mcm kamu jgk
Saye suke sendawa, rupe x mcm megan fox, bdn pun xmcm giselle bundchen, xpandai dan belambak lg kekurangan
tapi, akhirnye saye pun manusia mcm kamu jgk
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bunny is missing, where r u???

I miss you guys so much!!!!
arghhhh!!!!! Pranny, Caitlin, Ain, Cida, Farah, Hyo, Lelly, Wenot, Shkirah, Samara, Denise, Natt and Yuko!!!

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I'm dissapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feels like i'm falling through a big hole
I am never going to trust anyone. Anymore.
I'm just a dumb girl who knows nothing.
Why me???????? T_T
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A lIfE In tHe dAY Of MOI

5.30 am: BanGUN breakfast smBIl tgk ciTER DraMa melYU yg SEmmgnye ber-DRAMA lbh. mEnyampah lak aku kan tPI i LIKE. DaHlah hdup aku NI dh mmg taHAP SERABUT, so lg Senget tERSENGET senget lah aku nk Pham Drama diorg yg Lgsung xdak Kne mengena dgn Hidup aku.

6.30 am- 7.00 am: BerGeRAK Dr RuMah UnTuk menuju ke PutRajaya tuk naik ERL sigh..BOSAN AKU cmNI tiap2 haRi.  MiNyAK keta dHlah Mahal..Hampeh x hampeh! Cari Parking HAA itu mmg aku %&^%*&^#*%^&!! (harus dicensored utk TuJUan2 tertentu). XkisAHLAH aku kluar awal KE lmbat ke, tmpat Parking msti pnuh! AH! Heran tul aKu! xpe2 ok yg ni aku leh sabar lg

7.15 am: dGN SOPan sanTuNnya AKU TRUN TnGGA Sbb hARI ni aku PkAI bJU Kurung ber-DUET kAN hiGH hEELS aku Yg descriPTIONnye sgtLAH mEM-BUNUH. kLAU hang xfham xpe sbb aku pun Slalu xfhm diri aku dan slame-lAMenye xkan Fhm KOT. ok sambung citer.  (PS: Gmbr Di ataS x AdE KEnE MeNGEnA dGn Aku ok. AKu Pun XlarAT nk PkAI HEEls x-tra XXX  mCm tu). Nak dipnJangkan citer adeLah SeKOR mAMAT NI kan, mUka OK, bdan OK, pkai cermin mata EXTRA MARK (PehatIAN aku xleh tgk laki pkai cerMiN mate), dAh stop2! jgn Kerepek! Die ni AKU xtau apa problemo die. Mana AKU ADE disitulah ade DIE. Xkisahlah aku duk caBin mana pun, Muke die ni Mesti ADE! pndg mcm Nk mkn ORG lak tu. mAybe Aku yg Prasan mmdgkan aKU RABUN 600 tp klau korg jd aku meSTI KORG GELABAH=TAKUT kan kan kan??

7.35 am: ERL pun Tibe N masing2 Stock NAK masuk Cpt tuk dpt Tmpat ddk PADAhal dlm Tu dh MMG xde tmpat ddk.Aku Pelik. Tiap2 haRI nAIK erl tp xfhm2 lg. utk pengeTAHUAN anda sume ERL TIME peak hours mmg Mcm SARDIN Kne tonyeh tp time biase DLM STU cabin tu boleh kire brapa Org ade dgn jARI KAKI.  Disbbkan itu Kaki ku ini Dh biase kne Pijak OLEH mANUSIA brbagai SIZE dAn Jantina. Hampeh skali lg!. PlASTER spONGEBOb GayPANTS aku dhlah hbs stock! Senario yg BiASE akan anda HADAPI n nmpk bile NAIK erl IN the peak hour;,
1 org yg duduk akan Tido Utk membuang Masa manakala YG TERpaksa berdiri Makan hati. Yg 
   muDa2 Plak tak reti2 bg org yg lbh tua DR DIORG Duduk. SELfish thap gaban wa ckap lu! ade 
   pregnant Lady dpn mata HANg tp Hang buat bodo and xnk bg DIE duduk. Cube klau HANG YG 
2 SesAPA yg tgh bace paper cnfirm Rmai org bRATUR nk dIRi blakang die. sbb apa? SBB bleh 
   tumpang bace skali.  
3 Klau kau Bising cnfirm2 lah org akan pndang kau kan?? Lgi2 klau kau mengumpat dr Awal
   prJALANAN smpai la ke destinasi terakhir. 

8.05 am: ERL smpai di kl sentral n aaaahh leganya! KAKI cramp kot sbb kne berDIRI lame. sigh xpe2. skit lg dh smpai office.  Bile dh smpai, pg 7 e jap tuk bli topup, yelah kan student mana mampu gune bill. iTu nK mMPUS NAMenye. 
Kkak Counter: Ya NAK apa dik? (cewah adik tuuu)
moi: Euh nk rm10 eh2 SLap nk topup rm10. (kakak tu lawa kot, tu yg gagap skit)
Kkak Counter: (pdg pelik mcm aku ni bdk umur 10 thn,then..) maxis dh hbslah dik. rm5 adelah.
moi: euh 5 pun 5 la.. bg sye dua rm5. (still terpegun tgk kakak tu)
Kkak Counter: ........nah, 10rm ya
moi: ah ok2 (tibe2 nk kluarkan duit, tgk2 ade duit seringgit je melambak dlm dompet. xpe2 kire one by one...satu, dua, tiga~)
Kkak Counter:: 10rm dik. 
moi;: (alamak kakak ni dh mrah cpt2!) haaa ok dh, nah rm10
Kkak Counter: hHmpph! (eh2 apahal kakak ni? dh cukup bgs wa kasi lu duit ceh!). 

8.15am: sMasa pErjlAnaN ke OFfiCe tErnMpklAh dR jAUh aDe SeOrg HmBe ALLAH ni Yg buta peNglIhtAN. SeMEnJak pRaCTical Ni, mMG sLalU NmPk die. KeSian dIe. TiAp2 hARi diE aKn Lalu TMpaT yG sAmA tUk Pgi Ke lrt. Kdg2 ADe lAh bBrApE mAnUSia Yg bAiK tLG BwK diE sMpaI kE lrt. ok this is dEprEssIng mE! Dh2!

8.20am: Aku Pun kLuaRkAn kAd untk PunCh in. Aku pUn Xtau Apa fUNgsi mENatANg ni mmDgkAN aku kNe tulIS aTTendance aku TIap2 HAri jgk. Mcm xDe gUne jE aKu pUnch In tIap2 HAri. tIBe2
"oit lmbt hari ni slalunye awal" mamat
(dlm hati aku, ni x lain dn x bkn si mmat sekor yg ake kcau aku la ni),
Aku pun "td singgah beli sumthing jap". 
"oooh acik mana acik??" says mamat
(eeii hampeh nye mamat!! ske gossipkan aku dgn mamat lg sekor ni!) 
"kau ni nk kne terajang agaknye", moi
"lah kau ni ..tu kan bf kau hahaha!", mamat
(ah lantak kau r nk ckp pape pun. mls aku nk lyn!)

9.00 am: "nurul iman~~~" (adeh apa plak ni). 
"tlg akak buat comparison analysis bleh??", tnye kakak 1. 
"euh bleh tapi en %%%% sruh sye buat bq ni dulu sbb urgent die kate?", moi
"ah biar je die, meh tlg akak dlu" cakap kakak 1
(ah sudah, apa aku nk jwb dgn en%%%%) dgn pasrahnye aku buat keje analysis tu then tibe2 "iman, bq sye mana??" bos, (alamak! aku nk ckp apa ni??)
"euh2, kakak 1 mintak sye tlg die buatblabalabalabala", en%%% ", moi
"keje die xurgent, tlg buat bq tu dlu ok?, sye nk by ptg ni",bos
aku pun "ah ye2, orait bos!" SIGH~~~~~

11.00 am: dring dring dring!! (aduh sape plak yg cll ni)
"hello~~", moi
"iman!  awak kt mane?? kate nk pg site hari ni buat inspection??", supervisor
moi (blurr skjap).  
"oi bdk oi ko dgr ke tak aku ckp apa ni??". supervisor,
"eh ah dgr2! pg inspect? euh tp bkn spttnye esk ke sy pg supervise??". 
"bertuahnye bdk, hari ni lah syg oii" supervisor, (eii geli aku dgr). 
" laaah euh cmne ni sye btul2 lupe, sye pkai bj kurung hari ni :(", moi
"kan aku sruh kau bwk spare bj all the time?" supervisor (alamak kantoi). 
"hmm tp sye de byk keje hari ni, mcm mana??", moi
"yelah2, esk ok? pg check brickwork n plaster dgn sye". supervisor
"eh dgn en? bkn dgn en *%( ke??. kate sruh sye check staircase." 
die pun, "yg tu hari khamis ni, so xpe". (lah belit2 plak mamat ni)

1.00pm: slalunye waktu ni aku akn pg ke kl sentral n melantak sehabis-habisNYE, Tp mmdGKAN minggu ni duit agak mcm xde so kite GuNe MaSA ni tuk TIDO!! 

(mmdgkan dh mls nk tulis, kite skip ke pkul 6 yeah!):
This is The Time in wHich i can Go back home, tp slalunye xde mcm ni. Jgn haRap lah nk balik awal!! Plg awal pun dpt balik kul 6.30. plg lmbt kul 12. Ok pape jelah. Euuuhhhh hmmmm ok dh xtau nk tulis ape. Lalalala lah then from me the bitch next door

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Ive alwayzz thought of myself as sum1 WEiRD and TOOOOTALLY out of the eeeuhhhh ~~ i forgot THE word hhhuh.

I;ve just finished watching this really weird show (not gonna say wut the SHOW is) and it TOOOOTALLY reminds me of myself huhuahuahauauauauauuhuahuha~ ok stop.

I guess EVerYONE have their weird MOMents where they kind Of Screw uP tHemSELVES BY embarrassing diri masing2 la kan? nice.....

ASS 4 myself thats sseriously is not the case because sadly i HAVE this really bad HABITooooossss of getting myself embarrassed 4 even the smallest & $illiest thingS. DEEP SIGH....what is wrong with me??? Kalau stakat langgar pokok tu alaaa dh biase sgt..i guess all the trees dh mcm anggap i have a huGE CRUSH on them. GASP!! THE SHAME~~~..haha budus5!!..

tHERe are some stupid things where i regret doing but thats a secret that i never tell anyone even to my mum..sometimes friends dare me to do something and i SSTUPIDLY did them sbb rase tercabar. Pernah skali i was hanging out with 2 of my friends and they dared me to do this really stupid stuff in the eleVATOR..bosan sgt punye psl kan..Some of them i did it and still cant believe i ActUAllY did those FOR REAL..

Like the time when i sang  'Twinkle twinkle little star' while continously pushing buttons. That was fun.. lol..i cant forget the looks on those peoples face, like "what the f##k is she doing?? mental!" haha wateva..and also when i had to stare at another passenger for a while, then announce 'You're one of THEM! Ur evil!!! noo!!' and move to the far corner of the elevator. HAHAHAHA  me n my friends really had a laugh at tu tgk mcm apa je..bdk ni shat ke x..dh r xlyn..BENGONG..i was embarrased sbb org tu mcm nk xnk lyn..huhu...lantak r..

ohohoho br prasan dh lame xtulis something in this blog..pttlah mcm reti xreti je gune blog ni...budus tol!! DH NK smbung buat keje..skati mak bpk aku je nk tlis blog sdgkn tgh keje skrg...buhbye!!!! lalalala~~


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grow several inches taller with this simple exercises..try it!

i actually did this exercise for about a week and i found it very useful...i havent seen any changes but some of my friends bwere like "am i dreaming but do u seem to be taller??!"

how to deal with break ups

Crying ur eyes out for days and days till u cant even remember why it even started...feeling frustrated because u cant even seem to understand why u were betrayed by someone u thought u trusted...trying to find ways to get a glimpse of him even for a second....having a super makeover in the hopes of getting the one u love back...

Sounds familiar baby??? then u sooooooooooo have a problem...

well at least ur not alone...i broke up with my ex about a year ago n trust was hard..dulu my ex mmg someone i really loved deep down...because after all i shared with him a lot throughout the 2 years we were together...our thoughts, conversation, activities and basically yeah everything...i thought i was gonna die when we broke up...i couldn't sleep, eat or do anything right....i even turned to sleeping pills in the hopes of getting a few naps...i made my family worried sick about me and i really do feel guilty...i would seat for hours in the toilet and break my hangers in two because i was fucking annoyed!!! but then after time i slowly healed myself with a few of this tips:

  • cry like u've never cried before ~ i know its destructive but seriously after a while it really makes u feel like "what the heck am i crying for??? i feel like such a dork!!"
  • spend more time with friends and family ~ just make urself busy by spending time with other people who actually DO care about u!
  • express youself ~ its ok to talk bad about ur ex once in a while...ull feel so much better after u actually draw a ribbon on the picture of ur ex's head..loll...u see he's just a sissy after all..
  • avoid ur ex ~ if u keep bumping him there's a chance u cant forget his stupid face...admit it..u cant be friends with ur ex..sure maybe u'll end up being friends but HELLO?? AWKWARD WILL YA??
  • love yourself ~ no!! i dont mean make love 2 urself!! i meant LOVE urself..dont blame urself for the breakups..It's not your fault, relationships are complicated and most people go through rough times when it comes to relationships. If you start to blame yourself, you will get depressed and even lonelier. Think of the good qualities you have and be in the company of your friends who will always remind you of your good qualities. To know how to deal with a break up is to realize that you need to love yourself more..
  • be positive ~ To deal with a break up with positive attitude will attract positive things and you will feel better if you will only think of positive things.  

so for those out there who's suffering from break ups please think about everything..relationship doesn't always have to end up with happiness..there's always pain inflicted on it...wether u choose to accept it or take it in a positive light, its all in ur head...if u choose pain then pain is all u get...if u think of it in a positive way, then happiness will be yours..i know its hard but why should u be wasting ur time on someone who doesn't appreciate u for who u are when there's someone out there who truly loves you for who u positive!!