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how to deal with break ups

Crying ur eyes out for days and days till u cant even remember why it even started...feeling frustrated because u cant even seem to understand why u were betrayed by someone u thought u trusted...trying to find ways to get a glimpse of him even for a second....having a super makeover in the hopes of getting the one u love back...

Sounds familiar baby??? then u sooooooooooo have a problem...

well at least ur not alone...i broke up with my ex about a year ago n trust was hard..dulu my ex mmg someone i really loved deep down...because after all i shared with him a lot throughout the 2 years we were together...our thoughts, conversation, activities and basically yeah everything...i thought i was gonna die when we broke up...i couldn't sleep, eat or do anything right....i even turned to sleeping pills in the hopes of getting a few naps...i made my family worried sick about me and i really do feel guilty...i would seat for hours in the toilet and break my hangers in two because i was fucking annoyed!!! but then after time i slowly healed myself with a few of this tips:

  • cry like u've never cried before ~ i know its destructive but seriously after a while it really makes u feel like "what the heck am i crying for??? i feel like such a dork!!"
  • spend more time with friends and family ~ just make urself busy by spending time with other people who actually DO care about u!
  • express youself ~ its ok to talk bad about ur ex once in a while...ull feel so much better after u actually draw a ribbon on the picture of ur ex's head..loll...u see he's just a sissy after all..
  • avoid ur ex ~ if u keep bumping him there's a chance u cant forget his stupid face...admit it..u cant be friends with ur ex..sure maybe u'll end up being friends but HELLO?? AWKWARD WILL YA??
  • love yourself ~ no!! i dont mean make love 2 urself!! i meant LOVE urself..dont blame urself for the breakups..It's not your fault, relationships are complicated and most people go through rough times when it comes to relationships. If you start to blame yourself, you will get depressed and even lonelier. Think of the good qualities you have and be in the company of your friends who will always remind you of your good qualities. To know how to deal with a break up is to realize that you need to love yourself more..
  • be positive ~ To deal with a break up with positive attitude will attract positive things and you will feel better if you will only think of positive things.  

so for those out there who's suffering from break ups please think about everything..relationship doesn't always have to end up with happiness..there's always pain inflicted on it...wether u choose to accept it or take it in a positive light, its all in ur head...if u choose pain then pain is all u get...if u think of it in a positive way, then happiness will be yours..i know its hard but why should u be wasting ur time on someone who doesn't appreciate u for who u are when there's someone out there who truly loves you for who u positive!!

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za8yusoff said...

cait! mcm laa kaw dah 34 kali dahh breakup.
haha. nice anyway. :D

Ezzat said...

u cant be serious,broke ur hangers to two..???sbb annoying je??hahaha
draw a ribbon erh on ex's head???hahaha
but "be positive"...haaaa..this one, i like a lot...good post lah iman...hahaha...Ezzat like this...seriously...good!!!!

sassy_libra610 said...

zaid= aku tau apa yg kau xtau malangnye sighh....
org tue= :p haha..dont time u break my heart i lukis ats kpale u plak..

Ezzat said...
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Ezzat said...

Iman: seriously, i won't break ur heart..xnk r ribbon tu..xlarat nk gadoh..hahaha..^_^

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