Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | By: bunny love

HD SNSD [full] Daum Screensaver preview 11of11 Oct06.2010 GIRLS' GENERAT...

i love these girls!!! waaahh!!!
i recently bought their screensavers and i am officially happy :D
now these girls are on my lappy yay!!
here's a preview of their screensaver! WEE!!

2 sick bunny gossip:

zaaid (tuulang) said...

boo snsd. go miss A. (:

nurul iman said...

ko xske snsd??
bkn ke member2 ko sume fanatic ke ngan snsd?
miss A?? sapakah?? ahaaha tak2 grau je. ala aku pun ske miss A..

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