Thursday, December 2, 2010 | By: bunny love

This is for u denise xoxoxo

ok denise, as much as i love u, u still annoy me at times ok? lol r u reading this and euh dont get mad at me for writing this but okay u seriously need a body image makeover. Nooooo dummy!! thats not because i think ur ugly or anything but ur too paranoid ok? n its not just me who said this but sam n vic. they totally agree 100 percent on this as well. I know u keep rolling ur eyes and huffing cause we kept on bragging u but hell? haha thats only cause we love u and ur such a wimp! ok2 i know u've been hearing this 4 like a million times already but here's why we think u need one!:

1) Whenever we say u look hot in that dress, u always reply, "yeah right, it makes my butt look humongous.". Babe?? wtf ok? it does NOT look big! gee!

2) You always ask us and ur family for reassurance that u look okay in that outfit. I mean remember the time when i was having a shower and u suddenly banged in the door, just to ask me if u look okay? bunny how'd u think i felt at the time?? i was naked and totally having a fun time shaving my euh nvm!

3) When u look in the mirror u only focus on individual body parts, like ur butt, ur skin and ur hair rather than seeing the WHOLE picture. I mean who cares about that little thing when as a picture ur just as adorable and cute??

4) You always compare urself to us - like " i'm fatter than u," and " How come ur skin's so perfect and mine isn't" and blblababalabal..there u go again with that whole insecurities of urs.arghhhhh!!!!

5) And you ALWAYS refer to urself as "fat", "ugly", "wrong", "shameful" and whatever else u keep on blabbing about. Yeah okay i know we also do it sometimes but thats only cause we feel awful on some days, unlike u who say this like 10 times everday.

 yawn, yawn, and more yawn....listening to u bragging all the time is kinda getting boring my dear. Its time u stop bitching and have some popcorn. ok?? lol im sure by the time u finish reading this u'll totally kill me the minute u see me but im just doing this 4 ur own good. ok bunny?? ok i gotta run~~

5 sick bunny gossip:

zaaid (tuulang) said...

bersyukur jadi aku lahir sbg laki. wattehel sume butts, hair, skins, kuku etc hahaha. tu pun korang bole jadi masalah. :D

nurul iman said...

haha biase r pmpuan. bkn laki lbh kurg ke skrg? especially about the hair.


now i'm wondering who is complicated actually?????gagagagagag

nurul iman said...

ahaha yelah baw~

Hasnun Hamizan said...

lek ar ms iman,,,heheh

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