Tuesday, June 1, 2010 | By: bunny love


Ive alwayzz thought of myself as sum1 WEiRD and TOOOOTALLY out of the eeeuhhhh ~~ i forgot THE word hhhuh.

I;ve just finished watching this really weird show (not gonna say wut the SHOW is) and it TOOOOTALLY reminds me of myself huhuahuahauauauauauuhuahuha~ ok stop.

I guess EVerYONE have their weird MOMents where they kind Of Screw uP tHemSELVES BY embarrassing diri masing2 la kan? nice.....

ASS 4 myself thats sseriously is not the case because sadly i HAVE this really bad HABITooooossss of getting myself embarrassed 4 even the smallest & $illiest thingS. DEEP SIGH....what is wrong with me??? Kalau stakat langgar pokok tu alaaa dh biase sgt..i guess all the trees dh mcm anggap i have a huGE CRUSH on them. GASP!! THE SHAME~~~..haha budus5!!..

tHERe are some stupid things where i regret doing but thats a secret that i never tell anyone even to my mum..sometimes friends dare me to do something and i SSTUPIDLY did them sbb rase tercabar. Pernah skali i was hanging out with 2 of my friends and they dared me to do this really stupid stuff in the eleVATOR..bosan sgt punye psl kan..Some of them i did it and still cant believe i ActUAllY did those FOR REAL..

Like the time when i sang  'Twinkle twinkle little star' while continously pushing buttons. That was fun.. lol..i cant forget the looks on those peoples face, like "what the f##k is she doing?? mental!" haha wateva..and also when i had to stare at another passenger for a while, then announce 'You're one of THEM! Ur evil!!! noo!!' and move to the far corner of the elevator. HAHAHAHA  me n my friends really had a laugh at that..org tu tgk mcm apa je..bdk ni shat ke x..dh r xlyn..BENGONG..i was embarrased sbb org tu mcm nk xnk lyn..huhu...lantak r..

ohohoho br prasan dh lame xtulis something in this blog..pttlah mcm reti xreti je gune blog ni...budus tol!! DH NK smbung buat keje..skati mak bpk aku je nk tlis blog sdgkn tgh keje skrg...buhbye!!!! lalalala~~